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So You think you need a website?

FIRST Ask yourself: Why?
What is it going to do for you SPECIFICALLY?

Have you created a list of what it needs to do for you?

Be Specific now, the more the better, and then rank them from 1. Must have, 2. Good to have, and  3. Desirable.

Consider it’s capabilities from, 1. at first; Being an online brochure, to then 2. Being interactive with your audience, perhaps even collecting email address’s

Do you REALLY NEED a NEW website?

  • Would you buy a new website and pay per page possibly up to $150 or more per page?
  • Or are you prepared to make a website yourself … [YES! For free, then go to PS: You can learn there for free by video lessons…]
  • Could you buy a tailor made website with as many pages as you can eat for less than $1999? Well Yes you can here… that’s what we do everyday!

Some focus questions for you re your website needs;

  • Do you REALLY need a website?… If so Why and What should it do?
  • What is YOUR business model… Does it include contacting clients regularly?
  • Do you have a database to keep in contact with your customers?
    • Do you have an email list that you should be sending out offers to?
  • Are there calls to action on your website?
    • Are you offering something for FREE?
  • Are you targeting your local area for business?
    • Is your website ranked on Google page 1 for your keyword phrases?
  • Do you have videos on your website to build trust and interest?
    • Are your video updated, relevant, & have you asked your clients if they have even seen them? And if not why not?


And where you said no, to any of these questions above,
you are most likely leaving money on the table ;-(

[kc_font_pac_2_font_7 size=”48″ color=”#000000″]Before you go about building or ordering your website… learn about critical website issues for Your Business Website needs for FREE[/kc_font_pac_2_font_7]


Do you know about;

1. Hosting; Free and Paid, and data transfer costs?

2. URL‘s and Addresses?

3. Emails, Professionally coming from your domain like

4. Pay Per Click Marketing (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc)?

5. Google places (maps) listing?

6. Social Media Integration (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etal)?

7. Mobile and Tablets, with optimized websites for these as well?

8. Self Managed Websites; Where you can add, delete and change, as many pages as you want, whenever you want, for no extra cost?


While you don’t need to know most of these

things to have a website, but it sure helps because they all effect the big picture, and therfore your website development.

And if you are planning on getting a new or updated website,

You are in the right place to learn about these issues above.

Again you can learn about all this for free over at our sister website,

Feel free to roam around and check out all the

links to videos like these free seven


Videos of Online Training


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